Letters: K Morgan, May 6, 2016

Margaret Thatcher when prime minister ANL-150616-120303001
Margaret Thatcher when prime minister ANL-150616-120303001
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I think W J Blundell has a selective memory. So let’s look at Labour’s record.

When Harold Wilson was PM, James Callaghan was Foreign Secretary and Dennis Healey Chancellor. Healey had to go cap in hand with his begging bowl to the IMF. The country was bankrupt. The three of them, along with their trade union friends, had bankrupted the country. Wilson stood down, he had had enough. He was sick of his so-called friends stabbing him in the back. Callaghan took over as PM. I remember when he came back from one of his overseas jaunts a reporter asked him, “What about the crisis?” Callaghan’s reply: “What crisis? I don’t see a crisis.” As the dead lay unburied, coffins being stored and rubbish was piled high in

the streets. Yes, their so-called friends were on strike again. He seems to blame Mrs Thatcher for the pit closures, but never mentions Mr Scargill. But the truth is, coal mining had been in decline for years under both Tory and Labour governments, the main reason was North Sea oil, natural gas and nuclear power and uneconimic pits. He then mentions the steel industry, but who was in power when Tata closed Redcar? It was Labour with Gordon Brown as PM. And what did Brown say? The Government is unable to help over the closure of Redcar because this would not be allowed under EU state aid rules. Gordon Brown said he may be able to offer a little

retraining. So Cameron is working under the same EU rules. We know what the answer to that is, vote Leave. I agree about high business rates and energy costs and carbon taxes. Who was the minister who signed the Climate Change Act? The one and only Ed Milliband, and it was described as the most expensive piece of legislation ever put through parliament.

I remember one headline saying this would devastate British industry. So what did the Blair and Brown years achieve? Not much. I remember Gordon Brown’s speech when he said he’d ended the boom and bust, and gave us the biggest bust

yet! History!

K Morgan, Lynn Road, Gt Bircham