Letters: Kellen Midgeley, June 14, 2016

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Not being a frequent visitor to the Lynn Recycling Centre, I was both aghast and very angry to find out there is a very restrictive limit amounting to one average sized kitchen/bathroom cabinet, equal to 80 litres in capacity, when attempting to dump DIY waste.

I’ve just had a kitchen refit and loaded up my vehicle with shelves, tiles and two of the 11 cabinets, only to be met by an operative informing me I could only dump one item on that trip and would have to return each week to dispose of the rest.

Based on that ridiculous ruling I would have had to endure at least a dozen more back and forth trips just to get rid of my old units and accessories.

Little wonder there’s so much fly tipping with ridiculous rulings like this in place. Then again, I suppose this is one of the major inconveniences both commercial and non-commercial customers will have to endure by not having access to an incinerator.

A neighbour however informed me that I could actually dispose of everything in a couple of trips by visiting another “much more accommodating” (local) recycling centre, located in a different regional council area with no dumping restrictions! Needless to say, I loaded up and made two trips in one day where I encountered absolutely no problem disposing of the aforementioned items.

Utter and complete madness when both neighbouring regions charge very similar council tax amounts, yet operate completely different and contradictory recycling regimes.

I know where I’ll be heading to next time I have a large amount of items to dump and, to be honest, this extremely annoying episode has severely dampened my usual enthusiasm for day-to-day recycling.