Letters: Kelvin Loveday, February 17, 2015

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Many thanks to Amber Kirk-Ford (Amber Warning, February 13) for her kind words regarding our on-line petition to Save The Downham Market and Wimbotsham Green Belt. Whilst I may have ‘spearheaded’ the petition, praise should go to the complete strangers who chased me down the road to take leaflets out of my hands and deliver them with me.

And praise should go to West Norfolk Councils’s LDF team who have listened to the residents as ‘consultees’ regarding this beautiful and much treasured area.

Amber urged readers to attend a Downham Market Town Council meeting and to participate.

Those that did were shocked that, not only did a majority of the town council reject our plea to work together to save another site, but they decided to accept Cllr Starreveld’s pre-prepared policy statement which rebuked the borough council for giving in to a ‘campaign’. It appears they want to get the ‘green belt’ site included in development plans.

The town council have been quick to blame the borough council for the crazy explosion of housing development in Downham, the decimation of green sites and the creaking infrastructure. Perhaps some of them should look a little closer to home. We will at election time!

Well done to Cllrs Pyatt and Sharpe for having the courage to vote against. They didn’t need to look around the room to see which way to vote.

Kelvin Loveday,