Letters: Ken Hill, August 19, 2016

Custom House, King's Lynn ANL-140220-150046001
Custom House, King's Lynn ANL-140220-150046001
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Four things about improving the King’s Lynn Waterfront:

Boat in the Purfleet – Yes. Local volunteers will be welcoming the town’s own historic boat, the Baden Powell, to the Purfleet next month following restoration of the hull at an Essex boatyard. Work will continue in full public view on the superstructure so she can move into the Great Ouse next year. Then she’ll take people up and down the river for a new perspective on the town’s history.

Easier boat access to Purfleet – Yes. There are new ways of making an inlet like the Purfleet accessible to boats without spending thousands of pounds per opening. Let’s get more boats in there.

Less through traffic on the South Quay – Yes. If Purfleet Bridge was restricted to pedestrians and emergency vehicles only, the many listed buildings in the old town – and their occupiers like me – wouldn’t need to suffer so much through traffic making them tremble to their foundations. The whole waterfront would become more pedestrian-friendly.

New building at the south end of the South Quay – Yes. But let’s get it right for as many people as possible. Public consultation should already have been done to outline something that shows Lynn is preparing for the future while acknowledging its debt to the past.

Ken Hill, King’s Lynn Worfolk Boat Trust