Letters: Ken Hill, September 30, 2016

Hanseatic Water Ski Races at Lynn South Quay ANL-161107-063342009
Hanseatic Water Ski Races at Lynn South Quay ANL-161107-063342009
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Lynn Arts Centre is in the news. But there’s one thing nobody seems to be including in possible new uses.

The River Great Ouse. As a property with river frontage, the borough council will have rights over the wall on the riverbank. Neighbouring Ouse Amateur Sailing Club and the Crown and Mitre have both made good use of their proximity to the water.

There is a riverside path from Common Staithe Quay past the Crown and Mitre in Ferry Street to the sailing club and ferry terminal on Ferry Lane. Nearly everyone else with property on the river uses the waterfront to enhance the enjoyment and value of their location. Why not the Arts Centre?

Yes, the Riverside Restaurant has a lease from the borough council to make good business out of its location, but so much more can be done over the wall. The berth behind the bricked-up water gate under the restaurant might make an attractive feature if it was recommissioned.

Access to the river would need a ramp along the south wall of the arts centre garden, which would also provide an easier, stepless access to the restaurant. The Lynn Worfolk Boat Trust will soon be wanting somewhere to pick up passengers for trips up and down the river in their historic boat Baden Powell. The Lynn Coastal Rowing Club is already making good use of the river and could do with a better place to base some of their activities. Ferry passengers would have a much-improved footpath route through to King Street if they disembarked at the arts centre, with refreshments and toilets on the way and information about arts centre activities.

A new quay or pier over the arts centre wall would be a natural step towards what Lynn really needs – a riverside walk connecting the South Quay and Purfleet Quay with Common Staithe Square.

Then on to complete the link between the Peter Scott Way and the Norfolk Coast Path. Let’s get serious about improving our marvellous town.

Ken Hill, King’s Staithe Square, Lynn