Letters: Kevin Waddington, April 15, 2016

The new bus route across Hardings Pits. ENGANL00120130508145822
The new bus route across Hardings Pits. ENGANL00120130508145822
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Rob Archer (Lynn News, March 22) was right – the road across Hardings Pits was never designed to be a through road for motor traffic.

When it was proposed to allow buses through, the main reason was to try to reduce the toxic and illegal levels of pollution on London Road. I pointed out during the consultation this would not be achieved. If buses were removed other traffic tailed back along Wisbech Road would replace it. I was clearly right and the planners wrong – the levels of pollution remain illegal. Now it appears the planners are thinking of making the same mistake again. Even if diverting motor traffic across the pits did reduce pollution on London Road to legal levels (which is highly unlikely) the amount in the local area would not be reduced overall, nor its harmful effects on children or adults. We don’t need old, failed solutions resurrected but creative ones based on sustainability and health: a park and ride scheme somewhere around Saddlebow, a bus lane (possibly reversible direction when required) or even a simple reduction in speed to 20mph.

The only advantage of the present public transport situation (that buses get less delays) would vanish if other traffic were also allowed through the diversion.

Given the masses of schoolchildren that use this road to walk or cycle to school I would anticipate great opposition if Norfolk County Council comes up with a definite proposal to allow cars across.

Kevin Waddington, Queens Avenue, Lynn