Letters: Kevin Waddington, April 18, 2017

The 'abandoned' roadworks on London Road.
The 'abandoned' roadworks on London Road.
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At the time when Norfolk County Council (NCC) had a consultation regarding the levels of toxic vehicle emissions on London Road, and were proposing to divert buses across Harding’s Pits,

I pointed out that all that this would mean would be that traffic which had previously tailed back along Wisbech Road would move up a little and the pollution levels would remain unchanged. This has proved to be the case.

Here in South Lynn we are blessed with being represented by Alexandra Kemp: she is the only councillor who has publicly opposed any development on the South Quay which includes further opening of Hardings Pits to motor traffic (all current proposals do so) and now in her proposal for a Park and Ride scheme at Willows there is the potential to solve several problems at once. It would reduce the pollution on London Road to legal levels and improve traffic flow, and buses could once again use it; the quiet of Hardings Pits would be maintained and cycling or walking to the local school would remain safe; the Willows site would be protected from any proposals to re-instate the incinerator scheme which NCC have conspiculously refused to rule out despite attemps by councillor Kemp to get them to do so.

Whether or not a Park and Ride on the other side of town would improve traffic flow even further, the proposals from councillor Kemp deserve the support of all of us living here in South Lynn.

Kevin Waddington,

Queens Avenue, Lynn