Letters: Kevin Waddington, April 3, 2015

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Jeremy Dearling (Letters, March 27) seems somewhat paranoid in thinking anyone denies his right to eat meat: speaking personally he can eat meat, smoke or whatever he pleases, irrespective of whether I think they are wise health choices.

However, he should not think he has any right to stop public discussion of healthy diet choices or of whether cruelty is involved in producing various foods.

Jeremy clearly lacks knowledge of both medicine and biology. His designation of a non-meat diet as “an eating disorder” is both insulting and ignorant (sorry, it is not listed in any of my medical books).

Similarly, his belief that carrots may suffer pain indicates that he doesn’t understand that a central nervous system would be required for this! In evolutionary terms, as a species we are relatively unspecialised and as humans spread from Africa around the globe, many different foods had to be adopted. But this does not mean that all diets are equally good for health.

Our long intestines indicate a basically vegetarian diet and indeed vegetarians have lower rates of cancer of the digestive organs than meat eaters, as well as other health advantages, as do vegans.

Non-meat eaters, however, are not alone in caring about how meat is produced and slaughtered.

Following undercover filming of 10 slaughterhouses (in which only one was not breaking laws by committing deliberate cruelty or neglect) a national online petition was launched to get CCTV cameras installed by law.

Without these, prosecutions are difficult.

Whatever their diet anyone is invited to sign at www.tinyurl.com/CCTVpetition.

Kevin Waddington,

Queen’s Avenue, Lynn