Letters: Kevin Waddington, September 20, 2016

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Michael Warden in his letter on FGM (September 2) betrays the fact that he is more interested in trying to attack Muslims via an attack on Sharia law, than actually doing anything useful about the practice.

FGM exisited at least from the time of the pharaohs, well before Islam existed. Many Muslim societies do not practice FGM. In areas of the world where the practice has a long cultural existence, many religions are involved, including for example in Egypt, Coptic Christianity. It is a cultural phenomenon not a specifically religious one. Mr Warden is keen for someone other than himself to organise a demonstration against FGM but I do not see why he does not do so himself. Where would the demonstration go? The council chamber? What could the council do about it? To the police station? Given the government austerity cuts, the police would lack the resources to do anything more than they already do. If Mr Warden is unable or unwilling to organise a demonstration, might I suggest he set up a regular donation to an organisation such as Womenkind Worldwide. Working with a partner organisation in Ethiopia, they have reduced the rate of FGM in the region from Kembatta from 97 to four per cent. I am sure making a donation would be a great deal more useful than walking up and down the high street with a placard.

Kevin Waddington, Queens Avenue, King’s Lynn