Letters; Knights Hill, February 16, 2016

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Personally I am not against the building of new homes in this area, as long as it is done responsibly and with the appropriate infrastructure in place.

This unfortunately, is not the case in respect of the proposed Knights Hill Development. The one and only public consultation was held for four hours on February 4 in a small room at the Knights Hill Best Western Hotel. It soon filled up and many people were unable to access the information provided or speak to a representative. Luckily I was able to do so.

I asked about road access to and from the site, on to Grimston Road and neighbouring areas. I was told that a traffic assessment was being done and this would be submitted with the outline planning permission request.

It’s obvious to me that with hundreds more cars moving during peak times, the proposed roundabout on to the Grimston Road will quickly become gridlocked and people will rat run through other areas to try to avoid it, causing an increase in the amount of traffic in other nearby areas.

What about bungalows? Their reply ‘none are planned’. Norfolk has a large elderly and ageing population. Space is obviously an issue where the developers are concerned, but what about building link bungalows?

Thirdly, where are the sites for the schools, doctors’ surgery, etc? Their reply ‘The Council’ had already decided that they did not want the developer to build any of these on site, instead they just wanted the money. This is the money paid by the developer to the local council to provide for new infrastructure, under the new government regulations known as Community Infrastructure Levy, which came into force in England in April 2010.

This new ruling was created by Westminster to speed up the planning consent process, in the hope that it would kick-start the house building industry. But the developer’s proposed plans do not include any space for any new infrastructure.

So whatever money is paid, it will not be for any infrastructure on the site itself, either at the time of development or at anytime later.

The three closest GP surgeries to the new proposed development, each have a patient list of more than 33,000 patients (source: NHS website). How does the council think that adding several more thousand patients to existing local GPs is the way forward?

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