Letters: L Potter, March 13, 2015

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Government official for defence, Toby Fenwick, has announced the return, or recommendation, of nuclear warheads to air bases in East Anglia.

I would advise him to read the book just published by Jim Wilsom MBE entitled The Cold War. Perhaps he might then change his mind.

Some of the incidents reported include Sculthorpe RAF base where an American airman threatened to detonate a nuclear warhead in 1958.

At Lakenheath RAF Station in June, 1956, an American place slewed off the runway and collided with an ‘igloo’ containing three nuclear bombs, setting fire to the aeroplane and bombs. It was only the prompt action by the fire section that prevented the whole of East Anglia being totally devastated.

There were other incidents, esspecialy with the Thor rockets and unauthorised soldiers taking off aircraft.

We do not want our lives risking again as accidents will happen.

L Potter

Collingwood Road