Letters: Lal Hardy, March 20, 2015

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I parked my car at Tesco in the parent and child spaces on Monday, March 16, and next to me was a man putting two children in his car.

I noticed him glare at me and thought this was because I didn’t have any children with me but I had come to pick up my daughter in law and my granddaughter who I had dropped off to do their shopping earlier before I went into town on business. If he had a problem with this I wish he had said something and I would have explained this.

However he decided to leave a very nasty rude letter on my windscreen calling me a txxt and a dxxxxxxd which I found very offensive and upsetting. I would never park in a space I shouldn’t use and wish that people were more aware that sometimes we are collecting people that qualify for these parking spaces.

Would he have done the same if I had been collecting a disabled person and used the disabled park?

It seems he was too quick to judge other people without knowing the facts and he wasn’t even man enough to put his name to the letter.

An apology through the Lynn News would be appreciated.

Lal Hardy,

Cherry Close, Marham