Letters: Les Goodwin, May 19, 2017

Pedestrian killed on the junction of Norfolk Street and Railway Road, King's Lynn.
Pedestrian killed on the junction of Norfolk Street and Railway Road, King's Lynn.
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There have been two fatal accidents at the crossing between Railway Road and John Kennedy Road fairly recently.

Are we waiting for another to happen and then seemingly forget about it again? A lot of thought needs to be given to this. Firstly, here is a main expressway through the town. It is good that it is. Car is king on this road and we shouldn’t expect people to dawdle across or run out on a whim. A 20mph limit would be ridiculous here. There are no jaywalking laws in this country but if there were, this is the type of junction they would be aimed at. If you walk out before you should other people waiting at the lights think it’s OK to cross and just because you can get over quickly, it does not mean they can. At this junction is a meeting of two different atmospheres, the fast four lane road crosses a narrow, meandering quiet street which has the atmosphere of a pedestrian street, which it is not. Anyone driving in from Railway Road must notice it. Suddenly walkers are king. It is the meeting of these two ways of thinking that is dangerous. The atmosphere of a calm “pedestrian” way in Norfolk Street and the “expressway” of Railway Road. I do not agree with pedestrianising any more of Norfolk Street, it is important to keep it alive and vibrant. Perhaps a footbridge over Railway Road would be the answer. The number of people crossing would certainly warrant one. There are very wide footpaths either side of the road so there is plenty of room for one to be built. Better this than more deaths. Plus it would ease traffic delays. On a lighter note, we never hear of this junction being called Townsends Corner any more. Another lost name is Stephen’s Corner, at the junction near St James Swimming Pool.

Les Goodwin

London Road, Lynn