Letters: Lesley Arnold, July 28, 2015

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I have to relate my latest road user complaint.

Outside our house is a stretch of road involving a four-way junction, a mini roundabout and the lane to our group of houses’ rear entrances, all situated just before a bend in the road.

My husband and I are regular cycle users, he daily and I as weather permits, and our usual direction of approach is down hill from town, necessitating a right turn into the lane passing round the roundabout (just before the bend) with priority over traffic from the road joining on the left, from straight ahead but around the bend, and from the road joining on the right.

We habitually take great care to observe and indicate to the traffic around us (including from behind) and if advisable will dismount to make the crossing of the road more safely.

This action saves a lot of agitation for us all, but on occasions though apparently clear to maneuvre one is in considerable danger from motorists approaching round the bend from straight ahead who have not given sufficient regard to the sign indicating the presence of the roundabout and adjusted speed appropriately.

Today this lack of motoring skill was magnified in the person of a motorist who not only committed that offence, but was speaking on the mobile phone in her hand at the same time!

This motorist looked at me but did not stop and only my anticipation of the incident saved me from harm, in my opinion.

This is not an isolated incident.

Even without the addition of the mobile phone element, the junction is hazardous, and from our house we often hear the sound of horns or vigourously applied brakes.

The mini roundabout has been in place some time now, but road users are still struggling to use it safely.

My husband has communicated our concerns to the highways authority, and suggested that some form of traffic calming before the bend before the roundabout would be the most effective solution. His comments were not however acted upon in the way he suggested.

I relate this story to you in the hope that you can use it to highlight the issue in particular before a serious injury or death occurs, but also to bring again to everyone’s attention the dangers of mobile phone use while driving.

It is illegal... for a reason, in my opinion Phones should be switch off before driving, not just not answered, because I am aware how hard it is to resist answering a call.

Thank you for your attention.

Lesley Arnold

Via email