Letters: Lesley Bambridge, March 13, 2015

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I had a telephone call recently from a London-based businessman who was interested in some retail properties in King’s Lynn.

I was able to advise him that the footfall is very high and that although some shops close down, they are often replaced by other retailers.

I was able to tell him, when he said he would like to use the upstairs space for residential, that Freebridge Community Housing is keen to help businesses use these spaces and that the Civic Society supports this. I was able to tell him that improvements have been made to public spaces and that work is ongoing still. I was also able to tell him that King’s Lynn sees shoppers from Wisbech, Ely and Hunstanton as well as villages in the area.

He was impressed and said it was good to hear someone keen to promote their town.

Cllr Lesley Bambridge,

St Margaret’s with

St Nicholas ward