Letters: Lorne Green, February 17, 2017

Lorne Green from Snettisham, who is standing for Police and Crime Commissioner.
Lorne Green from Snettisham, who is standing for Police and Crime Commissioner.

I have cast my eagle eye over the Big Eye in the Lynn News, February 14. Thank you for observing that this PCC is “ever-beaming”.

If I gave that impression, it is because I have the best job in the county.

I get to meet people and interest groups from one end of our county to the other, and to serve them as best I can to keep people safe and let them feel safe.

I love this responsibility, hence the beam.

I also have the worst job in the county because it falls on my shoulders alone to propose whether or not the community should be asked to pay more for policing.

I take this responsibility seriously and that is why I put options to Norfolk residents and sought their views and those of the Constabulary. Will the two per cent increase on Band D property allow us to maintain and, hopefully provide a better service? You bet it will, because behind that apparent joie de vivre of which you speak is a steely determination to provide value for money to this county.

As far as your comment that police officers “spend their shifts counting down the days and cheerily calculating to the hour when this retirement bonanza kicks in”, I am sorry, I do not recognise this characterisation.

Certainly when I see the risks they confront daily on our behalf, whether tracking down big-time and ‘dangerous’ drug dealers, attending serious incidents on our roads, pursuing and fighting rural crime and so on, it is a tough, demanding, often stressful job they do on our behalf.

As for the cost of pensions (both employer and employee contributions are nationally set), around 8.5 per cent of the police budget is spent on employer pensions contributions for the men and women of the country’s best police force.

Lorne Green

Norfolk Police and Crime Commissioner