Letters: Lucy Sharp, September 23, 2016

New Matrix Signs for King's Lynn Parking, this sign is located on 'Edward Benefer Way ANL-140426-101300001
New Matrix Signs for King's Lynn Parking, this sign is located on 'Edward Benefer Way ANL-140426-101300001
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With the highlighted number of deaths on local roads this summer I just cannot see why road planning is not thought out more carefully.

In the last three years it would appear that very few motorists follow any of the road markings or signage on the Jubilee roundabout with, I would say, 90 per cent of traffic preferring to sit in the left-hand lane and queue despite both lanes going straight over. The problem is then exacerbated by all of those motorists continually having to let cars travelling from Sainsbury’s and turning left towards the Queen Elizabeth Hospital into the queue and blocking the roundabout. The right hand merge lane sits empty for the most part and motorists who do use this lane encounter people in the left-hand line trying to block them from merging by sitting bumper to bumper.

At the QEH roundabout, it would be interesting to know how many accidents have been caused by the slip lane that brings traffic down from the hospital onto the A149 heading toward Knights Hill. I myself have seen the aftermath of at least two collisions. Having used the slip lane myself on a few occasions I have to really crane my neck or get the car at a very good angle to make sure you can see approaching traffic clearly. Is it really the best design that the road planners could come up with? When approaching the QEH in the opposite direction, travelling from Knights Hill to the Jubilee roundabout, you have the same scenario because well-informed planners decided to create two lanes going straight over. I would say that 85 per cent of traffic continues to sit in the left-hand lane but can you blame them as when you get to the other side of the roundabout, the length of road in which you have to merge must be one of the shortest in history.

What are traffic planners in Lynn thinking by now creating exactly the same scenario that we have on these two roundabouts by now deciding to create two lanes on Edward Benefer Way near the Hamburg Way junction? I can see that the junction did need traffic lights but did the road really need two lanes to go straight ahead and then merge? Is it going to increase driver altercations as on the roundabouts on the bypass?

Lucy Sharp, Shernborne