Letters: Lynda Mallett, January 16, 2015

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We thought it was a one-off when we got trapped in the Hardwick retail car park for one hour and 10 minutes just after Christmas, but apparently the problem is more commonly known, as I learnt from in last Friday’s Lynn News letters. I was taking four youngsters to the pantomime in Lynn and for a treat we visited Frankie and Bennies for a meal en route. HUGE MISTAKE!

What a snarl-up there is when you start from the Frankie& Bennies end of the car park! For periods of 10 and 15 minutes we did not move an inch and the rest of the time moved only inches per minute.

We tried to work out why this was happening but it is difficult to see until you get round to the front of Boots (45 minutes).

Then it was apparent that it’s partly down to the restricted exit at the far end plus “kindhearted” drivers letting cars into the queue who have only been back in their vehicles for a few minutes.

Whereas it had taken my little group of four or five cars nearly an hour to get round to that spot, so we stuck nose to tail and let nobody in at all. I can only apologise to the lady who we watched return to her car and looked furious when we wouldn’t let her in!

I telephoned Frankie & Bennies a few days later and they gave me the details of the petition which EVERYBODY affected should sign up to. The address is epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/71439.

The land is apparently privately owned by Tesco and they need to do something urgently to alleviate the problem.

It could just be by changing the entrance-only access into a two-way road, also moving The Range entrance/exit further away to the left to give those exiting from the other carpark some degree of priority, or at least a fighting chance of getting out.

As its privately-owned land the council cannot do anything yet, hopefully the petition will help.

We eventually reached the pantomime well into the first half and it was luckily brilliant, but what a ghastly experience in the car park!

Lynda Mallett,