Letters: M Griggs, Janaury 27, 2015

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In reply to councillor Pope’s comments regarding Mintlyn Crematorium (Letters, January 16), the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) wrote “the non-statutory forms have now been corrected on our instructions”, this makes it clear Cllr Pope is mistaken to claim it was an advisory notice.

The MoJ state forms because in addition to the Application for Cremation form also included were the Doctor’s Examination after Death report forms CR4 and CR5, these were also replaced as they included changes from the approved statutory forms.

These are all forms contained in the Schedule of the Act of Parliament introduced as the Cremation (England and Wales) Regulations 2008, these regulations came into force on 1st January, 2009, one month’s grace was allowed for the change of forms.

It is mandatory for all crematoria to comply with the regulations, it is nonsense for councillor Pope to claim the forms have been updated when the statutory forms should have been in use from February 1st.

Further to the above the incorrect and misleading completion advice for the Cremation 1 form on the Mintlyn web page had to be removed and replaced with the MoJ approved wording, this states the form is to be completed by the applicant, not the funeral director as stated previously.

The misleading form 1 completion advice provides further support for the argument that the forms had been changed to reduce the chances of the applicant exercising their right to view the medical forms, so taking up officers time and possibly causing delay to a cremation.

If it was not as alleged a deliberate act then Part 5 (Right to View) of the statutory form would have been left in it’s entirety as the back page in clear view of the applicant when signing.

M Griggs,

South Wootton