Letters: M Trezise, August 11, 2015

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I am writing this letter because I am concerned about the amount of learner drivers in West Lynn, specifically St Peter’s Close .

On a recent visit to my mother’s home I was met with a sight that concerned me.

The amount of driving schools that use St Peter’s Close to teach people to drive. This is a quiet residential road that has a high amount of elderly people living there. While visiting my elderly mother I counted twelve different driving schools every four minutes , holding up residents, parking across driveways , and generally causing an annoyance .

My worry is that it would only take one resident to walk out into the road and the lack of experience of the learner driver could hurt someone. I know they have to learn how to drive somewhere, but a quiet road leading to a dead end where pensioners live is not ideal .

It’s an accident waiting to happen.

Concerned Mr M Trezise