Letters: Malcolm Cox, April 12, 2016

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Jeremy and Jane Dearling deserve a medal for their sterling work at Harding’s Pits.

Alas, like so many who write to the Lynn News, they make a show of their historical ignorance in pursuit of a cheap ideological point. Oliver Cromwell was not in the least bit secular, he sadly proved to be as godly as the monarch he deposed. The corrupt regime of Charles I was every bit as ‘vile’, as were the excesses of Cromwell’s’ government, particularly when it comes to Ireland, but then, it was the 17th century. Cromwell was utterly convinced of his divine guidance, like all who claim such, any persecution of other faiths is justified. A secular approach seems preferable to me be it republican or Monarchist.

Now to Big Eye’s latest notes. Many of us will have chuckled wildly at Iain Duncan Smith, now public enemy No 1 for the Prime Minister and Chancellor, ranting about the abuse of power by an ‘elite’.

For those unaware of the fellow’s background, I remind all readers that I.D.S. is a graduate of Sandhurst, married to the daughter of Baron Cottesloe . A real man of the people if ever there was one. Finally, albeit somewhat pedantically, Big Eye’s French dairy product more properly translates as ‘le gros fromage’.

Malcolm Cox, Terrington St Clement