Letters; Malcolm Cox, August 12, 2016

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They just don’t get it. Our regular cheery churchgoer and now it seems an authority on the near east, David Fleming, adds further comment on that issue which he reduces to a primary school level footie score (“Brexiteers 1 Remainers 0, July 26).

It is not “resentment at the result” that is the problem, it’s resentment at the lies. I recall a previous letter from Mr Fleming in which he expressed surprise to find himself in a minority within his own church. In that letter you offered Old Testament justification for God being on Brexit’s side, you now complain about the Turkish state becoming “theocratic”.

We are then informed that Russia is “ambivalent”. Oh really? It is not so long since a Russian fighter was shot down while almost certainly in Turkish airspace and when the referendum result was announced, we could all hear the cheering from the Kremlin. Even as I write Russian and Syrian aircraft are slaughtering civilians in Aleppo. Some of us recall Mr Farage’s infamous view, “I admire President Putin”. Yes, of course he does, so does Mr Trump!

Regular columnist Sarah Juggins again hits the right note when she writes that we have gone from being “the popular member of the group to being the pariah standing alone in the corner”.

Malcolm Cox, Terrington St Clement