Letters: Malcolm Cox, August 19, 2016

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Following such a muddled response from Jeremy Dearling (August 2) I am keen to reply.

Your reply, Jeremy, actually says very little and is merely a device to avoid answering legitimate questions. This reaction is all the more puzzling in view of the fact that my only mention of the monarch was to wish her many more happy birthdays. So we still do not know why Prince Charles wears medals on ceremonial occasions. On the subject of the House of Lords I offered a recent quotation from Lord Owen. Presumably Jeremy, you accept that he knows more about this institution than you or me. And now we have the words of Steve Hilton, former Cameron adviser. “A symptom of corrupt, decaying democracy” (Times,August 5). The fuss over Mr Cameron’s honours list is further confirmation. “A Conservative ex Prime Minister stuffing the House with conservative fodder,” (Lord Digby Jones, BBC Radio4, August 6). These are their views not mine. In any democracy, no institution should be beyond scrutiny and I remind you that the Civil List is courtesy of us, the taxpayers. I am well aware of the EU’s shortcomings and if the bulk of your letter had focussed on these you would have scored more points.

Malcolm Cox

Terrington St Clement