Letters: Malcolm Cox, December 13, 2016

A sign welcoming the Syrian migrants in Madrid, Spain. PNL-160927-163947001
A sign welcoming the Syrian migrants in Madrid, Spain. PNL-160927-163947001
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Thanks to Matthew Hannay (November 25) for his Young UKIP reply.

I reckon eight out of ten for the depth of that reply. However, Matthew, you failed the F test. You may have noticed that I pride myself on the accuracy of anything I quote. While I cannot now recall the date, I wrote down Mr Farage’s reply to Jonathan Dimbleby verbatim. Dimbleby clearly caught Farage by surprise and he said: “I did not say I admire Putin.” Dimbleby replied: “Yes you did, I have it right in front of me.” Whereupon Farage amended his reply to: “I said I admire his methods.” I am not familiar with the interview that you refer to. We are dealing then with semantics and your sensitivity to this clearly shows, the sooner Farage is properly out of your hair the better.

Your comments on the NHS are very welcome. I note however that your new leader, Mr Allnuts (who says I have no sense of humour?) is a bit less reassuring. And what we do not need right now is yet another religiously inspired demagogue instructing women on their reproductive lives.

I hope readers will have noted the civilised nature of our exchanges. I note a recent letter from Richard English which in typically emotive language writes of society becoming contaminated by dissenters. Anyone familiar with the rise of national socialism in Germany will recognise such language. “This Jewish contamination will not subside until the carrier himself ... has been banished from our midst” – A Hitler.

I am ending with another recent quote, Sarah Woollaston MP, “Woman’s Hour”, November 29, commenting on the Health and Social Care Act. She said: “We cannot escape the valuable contribution paid by EU citizens to our healthcare system.”

Malcolm Cox

Terrington St Clement