Letters: Malcolm Cox, December 15, 2015

A Tornado at RAF Marham, Norfolk. EMN-150312-113311001
A Tornado at RAF Marham, Norfolk. EMN-150312-113311001
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The latest scandal enveloping the Tory Party might easily have been dismissed as just another lurid tale of political life. The salacious details of Lord Ashcroft’s biography could to some extent be wished away as a tale of pique from a former mega-donor.

However, as this story which the Tory elite sought to cover up for months is now blown wide open and involves the tragic death of a local man, a naïve young activist from Wisbech, it is inevitably drawing attention from “Look East” and elsewhere.

Mr Cameron, as usual, denies all responsibility. The buck never stops with him does it?

It is not so long since our PM feigned shock, horror at the lies of Andy Coulson – now released from prison – despite again, all those warning signs. Now we learn that Lord Feldman enjoys the “full confidence” of the PM. What is interesting is that at least two right wing tabloids have turned on the government. Cameron’s personal secretary who played a major role in the election campaign is no longer Mr Gilbert, now he is Lord Gilbert. Emma Pidding who contributed to the now infamous “Tory Road Trip” is now Lady Gilbert. Rich rewards indeed. And so to the proposed air strikes in Syria. All who have quietly examined the reality of this raise the obvious objections. Mr Corbyn is not alone in pointing out the obvious, as a regional conflict only regional powers can resolve this.

Isis represents a repulsive death cult but sending a handul of RAF aircraft to join the chaos will do nothing. What it will do is provide “our Dave” with an opportunity to strut on the world stage and coincidentally a handy distraction from scandals at home. We are told that the government is to allocate a billion pounds for this operation. Quite a bargain.

Reaching ever deeper into the gutter, Mr Cameron describes Mr Corbyn as a “terrorist sympathiser”. Presumably this also applies to those of his own party (John Barron former military man) who agree with Corbyn on this issue. The PM being what he is cannot bring himself to apologise for this slur. All we can do now is hope that our lads in Marham do not hit too many civilians and all return home safely. Fingers crossed everybody!

Malcolm Cox

Terrington St Clement