Letters: Malcolm Cox, December 2, 2016

Jo Cox SUS-160617-105901001
Jo Cox SUS-160617-105901001
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Thanks to Edward Wheatley for another reply (November 22).

The last paragraph is particularly infantile. Apparently I have no sense of humour. I am not sure how the racist murder of an EU citizen who has lived and worked here for many years can be a topic for humour. And, of course, we have the murder MP Jo Cox by a neo-Nazi who cried “Britain First”. I recall praising you, Edward, with irony which eluded you when you attacked Jeremy Hunt solely on the basis of his appearance (“scary-eyed psychopath”?). Not the most profound level of political engagement was it?

I will always defend the legal right of EU citizens, note the term legal, to be here. Similarly others who have legal residence. I do not defend illegals. The term immigrant covers a broad spectrum. My wife has just emerged from our wonderful Queen Elizabeth Hospital after surgery, she was cared for by a whole array of nationalities steered by a surgeon who, I believe, originates from the Indian sub-continent. Where would our health service be without these dedicated people?

On the subject of where I live, well if you read my monthly column it will be obvious. I love the landscapes and the wild creatures which live in them. Big city life simply does not suit me. As to us “indigenous” Britons and our “traditions”, yes we have so much to brag about and much to disown, alas the legacy of a great empire. On the wall in our lounge we have an acknowledgement of my father’s contribution towards the fight against fascism, it bears the signature of King George VI. My dad was a working class Tory who had no time for the left-wing views of his working class son. All over Britain we see the rise of fascism, an inevitable result of Faragist populism.

And now to Channel 4 news coverage. Only this May Jon Snow accepted the BAFTA award on behalf of his colleagues. You are probably unaware that the channel and its independence as a non-profit organisation was at one time threatened by the present government. Thankfully, Mrs May sacked the minister concerned, she is such a lefty is our Theresa. When you attack the press, yes, you also dislike BBC2, you echo Mr Trump. The UK print media is overwhelmingly conservative.

And so, Edward, I again offer you the chance to address the issue, condemn without reservation the racist murder of innocent people regardless of their nationality. Your last reply clearly shows your pique at being shown up through your “Voltairean” ignorance. I am signing off with the following from David Orr, of Encore Packaging (Look East, November 21): “Without migrant workers I do not think we can continue.”

Malcolm Cox, Terrington St Clement