Letters: Malcolm Cox, February 16, 2016

david cameron PMQ PPP-160302-121403001
david cameron PMQ PPP-160302-121403001
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Your reader Martin Yaxley (February 5) will no doubt spark some support.

I am not an “outer” but I have some sympathy for Mr Yaxley. Consider this recent scenario. It is February 3 and our PM has spent much of the day denying his latest volte face on “Brexit.”

TV networks have been gleefully re-running scenes of William Hague mocking the very proposition that Mr Cameron is now celebrating as a success for his latest diplomacy. Without a flicker of embarrassment he waffles on as only politicians know how.

Later on that same evening Mr Cameron is confronted by Laura Kuenssberg (Newsnight), who tries to pin him down before finally saying “That’s not an answer to the question I asked.” Without the blink of an eye the PM replies, “No – but it is the only answer you are going to get.” Must admit I almost admire the man.

Malcolm Cox

Terrington St Clement