Letters: Malcolm Cox,February 17, 2017

Eton College
Eton College
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Congratulations are due to Edward Wheatley for his latest (mid-January) blast, albeit a bit of a footnote on the NHS.

Thanks Paul Firmage for your last comment on “BoJo” (Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson); here is one for you from G F Newman’s “The Corrupted”. It’s a gem. “Just because he went to Eton does not necessarily mean he’s stupid.”

And so to Edward, who noted previously that I have no sense of humour. I am glad Edward that you ignored those complaints about me, you and Mr Baylis for writing so frequently, not sure why we three were singled out. I repeat my familiar mantra. We are blessed with a biased but generally free national press. Our local tabloid seems to allow a fair shout to all so you go on writing as often as you like. I will say though sincerely, Edward, that you tend to score own goals with foolish assumptions about anyone who opposes your view and especially with historically inaccurate quotes. And so to our detractors (J Croote and J Prendegast). This is what one of those objectors wrote, “Enough, enough... who actually reads them apart from the authors, certainly not I.” (J Croote). This, Edward, is what you wrote: “enough of reading their tired old arguments, I don’t actually read them.” Setting aside the obvious question of, if you don’t read them how does what they write bother you, J Prendegast’s second letter was even more pointless. Nick Vinehill (another naughty lefty) pointed out the obvious answer – if they have something to say let’s hear it and I, of course, offered to take a break but, alas, nothing followed. Your latest offering (early February) was up to your usual standard, as in all things it’s those wretched immigrants that are responsible for all the UK’s problems.

Malcolm Cox

Terrington St Clement