Letters: Malcolm Cox, February 27, 2015

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Responding to Martin Yaxley’s defence of UKIP I have to say that this defence, is to be charitable, syntactically challenged.

If Mr Yaxley is a regular Lynn News reader he will know that his long list of grievances would meet the approval of me and most of the other left dissenters. Mr Yaxley I think implied otherwise probably as a distraction.

My letter on Mr Farage was made up mostly from quotations from those who have departed UKIP having given up hope of taming the leader’s ego, unable to continue with his “vanity project”. I also included views from the world of economics. I was about to do so again now but was distracted by Mr Farage’s performance on BBC Radio 4 last Sunday.

As we know one of Mr Farage’s priorities is to reverse the smoking ban. Predictably he chose to take up valuable air time with a pro e-cig comment. Nothing like getting one’s priorities in order is there? He also took a swipe at BBC bias, well we have heard that before haven’t we?

He also, to his credit, defended Ed Miliband’s resistance in the face of constant attack from the Tory press.

I offer, if I may, a helpful hint to Mr Yaxley. If you write again in defence of your party there are quite a few reputable sources to support the party’s economic stance on UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

To conclude however, there is nothing in UKIP’s bag which will offer support to the likes of that reader from Shouldham, which is where these exchanges began.

Mr Farage never hints at policies aimed at wealth redistribution and can rarely cope with rigorous questioning. To quote Clacton’s activist Martyn Heale “a little bit of misinformation never did any harm”.

Malcolm Cox,

Cobbs Hill, Terrington St Clement