Letters: Malcolm Cox, January 17, 2017

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Bar Man’s article is always worthy of a scan. However, his snappy title and mention of Francis Kukuyama made me wonder just what sort of micro-brew had led him to such a macro-view, over imbibing?

I am bound to continue his word play and write ‘Top Marx’ for such witty nostalgia. More please, Mr Hoyle.

Meanwhile, might I suggest, ‘Drinkers of the World unite, your have nothing to lose but your chain big brewers’.

Then I read John Cairns (Thought for the Week). As an atheist I have long thought of responding to the anodyne platitudes that appear in this sector of our treasured regional tabloid. However, I found myself drawn in and thinking somewhat more deeply than usual on this subject.

A really interesting account, and how appropriate, January 6, Epiphany?

And then I read the very long article on press freedom. ‘Big Eye’ may have nibbled at something similar recently.

One assumes that this has appeared in similar journals throughout the land and fully grasped.

As I understand things, there are some very big beasts of a less than objective nature who are lobbying against Section 40.

It is obviously an issue that requires serious deliberation.

I have little to compare the Lynn News with but do have the feeling that it punches well above its weight.

Well done to all of you folks.

Malcolm Cox

Terrington St Clement