Letters: Malcolm Cox, January 23, 2015

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I have long been curious about Big Eye’s need to write behind a non de plume.

We all know who Turnstone is likewise who writes Amber Warning. Occasionally we get letters from those who prefer to withhold name and address. The regular troupe of dissenters however stick out necks and are prepared to be agreed with or shot down. I raise this as Big Eye (Lynn News, January 13) chose to snipe at one of my contributions. Although he did not name me (I would not have minded), I wonder why he selected me from the list who write similar sentiments, the aforementioned leftie dissenters.

The term which seems to have irked Big Eye is “cynical and mean-spirited” when describing the tone of our coalition government. I have checked my dictionary and am sure I made the right choice.

I then considered if this was a pique-ish response to me having the temerity to expose his sloppy journalism in writing in a disparaging tone about a highly respected academic who writes on the subject of child poverty. (Marmot report – “Social inequalities” October 2014).

Big Eye’s snipe followed my letter praising Amber’s article on mental health issues among the young.

By a strange coincidence we learn from Look East that a report from the Prince’s Trust (yet another lefty outfit?) lamenting the poor state of mental health services in this age group, a 50 per cent increase in demand from 16- to 25-year-olds.

Moreover a headline in that organ of red revolution the Daily Telegraph stated “Entire cities cast aside by Coalition, say Archbishops” suggesting that I am on the right track plus of course with the Archbishops of Canterbury and York in support, maybe even God is on my atheistic side.

I can only assume that Big Eye is not unduly concerned about the needs of such vulnerable people. But then he is not alone there is he?

Malcolm Cox,

Cobb Hill,

Terrington St Clement