Letters: Malcolm Cox, January 31, 2017

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I had hoped for a reply from Martin Yaxley who wrote so dismissively to my recent letter.

The thrust of that letter was that my views on Brexit were based on those at the sharp end, local employers.

I thought I would try again with verbatim quotes from Look East, January 18. This followed a delegation of local employers who visited Parliament to explain recruitment difficulties.

This delegation included Beverly Dixon (G’s Group), Susanna Rendall (Boxford Group) and Matthew Summer (Midas Care).

They reported that, “The future supply of migrant labour is at risk because of Brexit, if free movement is complicated by visas or paperwork it will put up costs.”

We also heard that one employer had “interviewed 1,200 people just to find 50 fruit pickers, uncertainties will leave us with a struggle to survive.”

Again, I repeat that these are not my words and it seems reasonable to assume that these people’s experience and opinions are worthy of far more note than either mine or Martin’s.

Malcolm Cox

Terrington St Clement