Letters: Malcolm Cox, July 8, 2016

Boris Johnson and Andrea Leadsom at the Derngate NNL-160707-190034009
Boris Johnson and Andrea Leadsom at the Derngate NNL-160707-190034009
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On the front of the Lynn News (July 1) we read: “The communities of West Norfolk are being urged to stand together today, amid fears of a surge in racist and xenophobic incidents following the EU referendum.”

This report echoes many others in the national press, as the dust settles what do we read and observe? Even by his own flamboyant standards Boris Johnson’s candour with the journalist Elizabeth Day, “Even when I insist I am telling the truth, everyone knows I am lying” took me by surprise (as reported by Elizabeth herself on Sky News press review, 29 June). Good ol’ Boris, always good value for a laugh. And then we had the first hints of backsliding which led to Mr Gove’s knife-wielding following his wife’s “accidentally leaked” email. As ever, the Daily Mail and Rupert Murdoch are lurking in the shadows and Donald Trump hails the Brexit cause.

Mixing football and politics, I thought the abject failure of “our lads” at the Euro Championships a perfect metaphor. I squirmed at the sight of all those drunken Inger-Land supporters tearing up European flags and uttering sexual epithets at baffled Roma children, their chants clearly inspired by Brexit fervour.

Such courage, vive l’esprit de Brexit.

I am pleased to note the condemnation of this moronic behaviour by Mr Farage, such an honourable fellow. Although those of us with long memories will recall his disgust at hearing foreign languages on the streets of Britain.

And now to the unedifying scenes post referendum, all that backstabbing among leading Brexiteers who within a day of the result, were admitting their “weasel words” on immigration and of course that ridiculous £350 million to be spent weekly on the NHS. Thankfully Mr Farage will hold them to account even as his one and only UKIP MP Duncan Carswell quietly disowns his leader’s ranting style. And, of course, those UK trawlermen whose cause Farage championed will now be disappointed if they check his voting record on their behalf in Brussels.

Malcolm Cox, Terrington St Clement