Letters: Malcolm Cox, March 1, 2016

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What a fine cornucopia of opinions (Tuesday, February 16). Dick Melton’s contribution on whales was like most of his letters – very informative especially for a “foreigner” like me. I have only been a resident in God’s own county for 32 years. Check out this month’s Nature Notes, Dick.

Then we have Karl Lanham’s offering, a fairly standard concern of conservative-minded citizens. Actually the concern of us all, not just a ‘permanently outraged and terrified reader of the Daily Mail’. Cannot help pausing to remind Mr Lanham that the Mail’s proprietor pays no UK tax despite the London business address. On February 18, the Mail echoed the concern of a similar tabloid which warned of ‘Two million migrants coming to steal our jobs’. By the time the Mail took up the clarion call, this figure had become three million.

From this we segway to something worthy of a Franz Kafka script, weirdly funny, utterly surreal. Somehow desperate migrants are transformed into “hypochondriac sperm whales… would you want to live next to a pod and have your daughter molested or your son stabbed?” I have read it several times, it gets funnier all the time. Not sure what you’re on Mr Lanham, but can I have some? And yes, I cry, mea culpa, I do have a beard and occasionally wear sandals. “Liberal left?” makes a change from “loony left” but again guilty as charged.

Finally from this crop, I thank David Newman for his approval. Alas, I am not sure he has fully grasped the irony of the letter he referred to. This was not in support of Mr Wheatley, who wrote nonsense about Jo Rust and referred (I think) to Jeremy Hunt as a ‘psychopath’. Why the obsession with Jo Rust and Turnstone? Cannot for the life of me see anything resembling ‘Mein Kampf’ in his ‘tedious ramblings’ which, I for one, appreciate for more local history.

Malcolm Cox, Terrington St Clement