Letters: Malcolm Cox, May 20, 2016

Nigel Farage is one of several South East MEPs to react to the Brussels bombings SUS-160322-112941001
Nigel Farage is one of several South East MEPs to react to the Brussels bombings SUS-160322-112941001
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A fine brace of letters from readers Lynda Robinson and Brian Bunting about our local councillors awarding themselves an 8.5 per cent allowance increase. The scything wit of Brian had me chuckling, so hopefully we might see more contributions from him.

I cannot help pointing out however that Labour’s Gary McGuinness and the independent Jim Moriarty dissented ,suggesting a mere 1 per cent increase. It would have been nice to see a protest or two from all those Tory cheerleaders who frequently grace Lynn News pages. You know, those who like to remind us of the profligacy of non-Tory government, local or national.

And dare we hope that our local MP will actually reply to Brad Fitt (also May 10) reminding him of his party’s manifesto pledge on tax avoidance? Perhaps Sir Henry might also shed light on the promised “internal inquiry” into the “Conservative Road Show” issue which resulted in the death of a local party activist. I rather fear that this has, as they say, “been kicked into the long grass”.

Then we have the odd business of last year’s election expenses. All sorts of accounting anomalies, which, thankfully, Channel 4 have doggedly pursued. We learn that this is finally being investigated by the electoral commission and several police forces. One candidate, Alison Hernandez, elected as crime commissioner for Devon and Cornwall, reluctantly agreed to meet the press on May 10, on the condition that questions were limited to only two per journalist. Understandable I suppose, as she is obviously a busy lady. It is no secret that Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport John Whittingdale wishes to curb Channel 4’s remit.

And, as much as I dislike Nigel Farage, it seems that irregularities in Thanet may well have deprived UKIP of its second parliamentary seat. Much to the relief of Mark Reckless (his party colleague), some might say!

Sadly, Joe Public remains largely unaware of all this, it is just too much trouble to think about. And that is precisely what our ruling elite rely upon. Circle the wagons with the usual army of hot-shot lawyers and accountants, and wait for it all to pass over. Democracy? Well, sort of, I suppose.

Malcolm Cox, Terrington St Clement