Letters: Malcolm Cox, May 26, 2015

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So, the election dust is beginning to settle. It would be churlish not to congratulate Mr Bellingham, even if it hurts for some of us.

Jo Rust gave it her best shot and she can take comfort from actually increasing Labour’s share of the vote. As Churchill noted “democracy is a very bad form of government but all the others are so much worse”.

It was also good to see Michael de Walley offering a kind word or two for Jo. So many of us believe that the red and green factions ought to be integrated. They share the same basic concerns.

Mike Larcey (Lynn News, May 15) repeats the obvious, the election was largely determined by the distortions of right wing tabloids. Pause awhile (as Andy Coulson faces perjury charges) to ask just why when Rupert Murdock first appeared before Leveson he was not under oath. It is the “Sun wot won it” north and south of Hadrian’s wall.

On the positive side, Mr Farage is finally exposed for what he is. Taking a line from our PM (“No ifs or buts”) his word is less than his bond.

Nick Clegg hopelessly outsmarted by Mr Cameron (“and you can be Deputy PM”) can now forget all hopes of a more sensible electoral system. Lib Dems destroyed by their leader’s vanity. A sad end to a formerly honourable and occasionally radical party.

So where are we now? Mr Cameron will enjoy his brief period of overwhelming parliamentary power before hubris take over, it always does. As he enjoys photo calls with Mrs Sturgeon who also walks on water, we wonder if he will indeed be the last PM of a United Kingdom.

I have just heard that nice, reasonable Jeremy Hunt confirm that the new government will indeed fulfil its promises on the NHS “seven day cover and an extra 5,000 GPs.” Hopefully this really will be a “no ifs or buts” issue.

Malcolm Cox

Terrington St Clement