Letters: Malcolm Cox, November 13, 2015

Prime Minister David Cameron made a visit to Lancing this afternoon SUS-150918-152914001
Prime Minister David Cameron made a visit to Lancing this afternoon SUS-150918-152914001
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Another withering letter from Mr Blundell recently on Mr Cameron’s conversion to state-owned Chinese technology.

I cannot resist adding my own thoughts with a reference to a former PM.

Yes, folks, he’s back in the headlines again, the former PM, who many in the media called “Teflon Tony.” His twists and turns compared to the current occupant of 10 Downing Street however look amateurish. What a consummate practitioner of the “flip flop” Mr Cameron has become.

Many readers will recall those early scenes of our Dave racing huskies across a pristine Arctic landscape, so inspiring. We were promised the “greenest government in history.” Fast forward a few years and we learn that it is time to “ditch all that green c**p.” This despite a recent headline (The Independent) which declared that when all factors are considered, renewables are now the cheapest option. No other newspaper carried this story. The Tory-dominated media, as ever the instrument of distraction. The Times (October 25) headlined with Mr Corbyn being unfit for office as he is “under educated.” Eton and the Bullingdon Club, essentials for office?

And, of course, we remember those images of Cameron and Osborne listening with reverence to wise words of the Dalai Lama. Some of us may recall that phrase from “Teflon Tony’s” first period in office, a “foreign policy with an ethical dimension.” Now China is the flavour of the month. Only that tiresome Corbyn chap broke ranks, with his silly notion of human rights which was certain to “get lost in translation” anyway.

Some of us also recall Mr Cameron strolling among the common folk of Cairo celebrating the “Arab Spring”. All those “really brave people who did extraordinary things in Tahrir Square … for freedom, openness, the things we take for granted – we want them to have those things”.

Now, however, our Prime Minister welcomes to London the autocrat Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, the latest military strongman to rule Egypt and the gaoler of all those who oppose him, an estimated 40,000 political prisoners.

And the latest breath-taking hypocrisy on tax credits which Cameron immediately back-tracked on once elected. Denouncing the Lords for rocking the boat on the grounds of being an “unelected second tier” and obliged to not interfere on financial matters – well that is priceless!

Malcolm Cox

Terrington St Clement