Letters: Malcolm Cox, November 18, 2016

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I would like to commend Matthew Hannay (Young UKIP) for his recent bold foray into the local press.

I can respect a well-presented argument while disagreeing with its viewpoint.

With regard to his letter, I thought I was being asked to decode something from Bletchley Park circa 1942. I do not doubt your integrity, Matthew, but can you indulge an old geezer and shed light upon ‘Laval/2007 C-341/05’ and ‘Raffert 2008 C-246/06’. As you have boldly quoted these, I think we are owed some clarification. As for ‘Vikings’, we in the 21st century are still blessed with their legacy.

We all know that Mr Corbyn was less than enthusiastic in his referendum response. To be fair though, campaigning alongside Osborne and Cameron would have been a tough call. There is residual suspicion among many on the left about the workings of Brussels, including me. On the subject of workers’ rights however, I have concluded that internationalism is preferable to nationalism, the greater good is served by the UK’s membership of the EU. Those battle bus claims, and do not try to dodge the issue by saying that UKIP was not officially on the ‘Leavers’ bus (‘Farage is too toxic’), we all know that these claims were nonsense. How is your history Matthew? You may need to check up on J Goebells: “The bigger the lie the more likely they are to believe it.” And then we have “I admire President Putin.” I have raised Mr Farage’s quote many times, but I have yet to receive a reply. So come on Matthew, maintain your integrity even if it is your own personal view rather than a parroted party line. And then, of course, there is the NHS. Privatisation or not?

Finally, I cannot help but note with irony that your ‘Bletchley Park codes’ centre on judgements delivered by the wretched European Court of Justice.

Malcolm Cox, Terrington St Clement