Letters: Malcolm Cox, November 29, 2016

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Hopefully reader Gerry Byrne will have read my comments about Matthew Hannay (Young UKIP), “I can respect a well presented argument while disagreeing with the viewpoint.”

In the same edition (November 18) we read Mr Byrne’s letter which, like so many “leavers’” replies, relies on distraction and hope that eagle-eyed “whingers” like me will not notice. You are half right in your comments on the post-Brexit economy, not sure though if the pound’s 18 per cent loss against the dollar can be so airily dismissed. And you conveniently ignore the following: despite the falling pound, our trade debt widened to £2.5bn (Office for National Statistics figures), Philip Hammond has warned that his autumn forecast will show a £100bn black hole and the Financial Times suggests a €60bn settlement with the EU prior to Brexit. Then, however, we come to your comment “the people of the North, voting overwhelmingly in favour of Brexit”. Presumably you have already cut adrift our Scottish citizens, let alone the Ulster folk. Is that arrogance or ignorance?

Malcolm Cox, Terrington St Clement