Letters: Malcolm Cox, October 21, 2014

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There has been some response to Liz Truss and her views on foxhunting.

We should not be too surprised that Liz has chosen to raise her profile in this way. She is young and very much a ‘Cameroon’ having been, as Peter Smith noted (Letters, October 7), “parachuted into a semi-rural constituency”. Moreover, we remember her initially hostile reception from the “Turnip Taliban” as they were called at the time. She may still feel the need to establish credibility with this constituency.

All the arguments on the issue of hunting with hounds have been made ad nauseum.

We the antis – even those of us who are country dwellers are accused of being ignorant of the facts.

That allows me to (appropriately) cut to the chase with the words of one who would know from experience.

Writing in “A Master of Hounds Speaks” Capt. Robert Churchward wrote: “The truth is – and fox hunters may deny it as much as they like, the ‘adventures’ on the hunting field that are best remembered are those involving the worst cruelties”.

Hunting with hounds has little to do with pest control.

It is all about atavistic blood lust and ancient ritual and of course reinforcing the influence of the landed gentry.

Malcolm Cox, Terrington St Clement