Letters: Malcolm Cox, October 24, 2014

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A gratifying response from readers (Letters, October 21) to the recent “Name and address supplied” contributor who chose to criticise local NHS employers over strike action. All the significant points were made.

Figures can be bandied about ad nauseum, as we all know there are “lies, damn lies and statistics.” The nub of this issue though is that an independent body recommends a pay rise for MPs. Jolly good luck to them. An independent body recommends a pay rise for NHS staff, a staggering 1%. This is denied by the minister Jeremy Hunt. And MPs are of course paid from the public purse. I’m reluctant to dismiss the PM’s impassioned performance at this year’s party conference as insincere but I’m stuck on that biblical reference, “by their deed shall ye know them.”

I wonder if any Tory MPs have a financial stake in any future privatisation plans?.

And while we are at it perhaps your anonymous reader might like to check on the activities of a certain Tory MEP who has been a welcome guest of the private health lobby in the US. He was critical of the NHS as the White House struggled to introduce “Obamacare”.

I will end by inviting your anonymous correspondent to reply to this and those other letters.

If he/she is confident of their argument maybe adding name and address as most of us do.

Malcolm Cox,

Cobbs Hill, Terrington St Clement