Letters: Malcolm Cox, October 9, 2015

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A brief response to Penny Snape and Mike Larcey (October 2).

A few months ago we saw the aftermath of an explosion at an industrial complex in China. The scene resembled a war zone. The authorities did their best to play-down the devastation, denying access to the press and refusing to confirm the casualty list. Nothing new really, that is the way China operates.

History has been re-written, the Tiananmen Square massacre never happened. Human Rights in China? Forget it!

The very idea of a Chinese nationalised corporation building a nuclear power station in Britain – heavily subsidised by the taxpayer, must be one of the more bizarre decisions taken by the Cameron government. This issue ought to be a concern for us all. I am sure that many Conservative voters will find the sight of George Osborne kowtowing to the Chinese government as disturbing as I do.

Malcolm Cox

Terrington St Clement