Letters: Malcolm Cox, September 18, 2015

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So good to see C Mortimer back among your letters column and predictably responding to recent pro-Corbyn letters.

Bizarrely, C Mortimer is under the impression that Vladimir Putin is a Marxist. He is quite the reverse and shares nothing with Corbyn’s democratic socialism. Corbyn’s brief appearance on Russia Today displayed naiveté but nothing more sinister. On BBC’s Broadcasting House (September 6) a couple of talking heads weighed in by comparing Corbyn to, Donald Trump, yes – that is as crazy as suggesting that Putin is a Marxist! And didn’t Tony Blair himself suggest a couple of years ago that the West should seek common cause with Putin and who accepted an invitation to the recent goose-stepping celebration in Beijing?

Likewise Corbyn’s support of the Palestinian cause has unfortunately drawn in some very nasty elements. Corbyn has stated clearly that he has nothing in common with extreme elements. C Mortimer should also know that even within Israel, dissenters have bravely spoken out against the harsh policies of their own government.

On the subject of Northern Ireland, C Mortimer ought to know that while Corbyn gave a voice to Sinn Fein many years ago, the British government was secretly negotiating with the IRA. Corbyn’s actions were out in the open.

All of us who share Corbyn’s broad view of the world, nothing complicated, simply more equitable, know very well that he would never be allowed anywhere No 10.

Malcolm Cox

Terrington St Clement