Letters, Maria Rix, December 2, 2014

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Mr Newman does not seem to have much to say about Hunstanton that could be considered a benefit to the town (Letters, November 25).

It seems that his only interest is in criticising anything that John Maiden and the Civic Society does or says.

John Maiden may not be everybody’s cup of tea but like him or not he only deals in “facts” so I can only conclude that Mr Newman just does not like Mr Maiden or the Civic Society!

As for the pier? Some of us aren’t likely to forget its existence as every time you walk under the “Hangar” at low tide you can see the Pier stumps in their sorry state and, an accident waiting to happen to people while enjoying a swim at high tide. I wonder if Mr Newman would like to make his job of making the beach safe by removing the pier stumps so we can forget that word that he so much hates the pier!

Maria Rix,