Letters: Maria Rix, January 27, 2015

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After reading Turnstone’s article it comes to no surprise that Hunstanton Town Council voted 8-5 not to oppose the construction of a roundabout on the A149 very close to the very busy roundabout at the entrance of Oasis Way.

I can only hope that the Highways department have some common sense as it seems to be a very “rare” commodity this days!

That stretch of road its a nightmare in summer time and some times even in winter if the weather its fine.

Some members of the town council preach the virtues and great benefit the town will acquire by building hundreds of new homes which probably will end up as holiday homes.

None the less it will bring that very short stretch of road between Hunstanton and Heacham into chaos.

I heard them saying that it will bring employment to the area but that is debatable and even if does it will only be for the period during construction.

I’m really surprised that the town’s traders have not made “much noise” about it as the extra traffic or overloading of the A149 could prove to be the final nail in the coffin for the visitors that get trapped on the way home from Hunstanton and surrounding area.

We are being told that the country needs thousands upon thousands of new homes. It really makes you wonder how come that suddenly we seem to have an over- expanding population.

Some may call me cynic but I think that councils are on a winner as they will be “collecting the eggs” or council tax rates for years to come and surely that must be the great “incentive”!

Maria Rix,