Letters: Marjorie Rudd, July 3, 2015

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Having read many letters over the past weeks regarding the decision by present day governors of Smithdon High School to close their swimming pool, I feel it is time I added my thoughts on the subject.

I was one of the many who raised funds to build the pool. It was opened in 1974 – not 1960, as was stated in Jennifer’s letter. I taught there from the opening day, until I retired after 22 years in 1996. I was teaching children from the feeder schools aged six to 11 years, plus Smithdon pupils until they left at 16 and, later, 18, plus at evening classes for adults which I continued for another two years after retirement.

Closure of this pool is indeed a retrograde step.

Saving lives in our watery area is surely more important than kicking a ball around in the proposed “all-weather multi-sports area”, which if needed, could have been built anywhere on the extensive sports field!

The surrounding area within the pool was updated by tiling in recent years. Feeder schools will have to pay for other facilities, plus teaching and transport, so why not contribute to the running costs at Smithdon where thousands have been taught over the past 41 years?

Marjorie Rudd

Staithe Road, Heacham