Letters: Mark Bullen, May 6, 2016

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The recent consultation about the CfAKE development in Downham raised more concerns than it answered questions.

The development is being promoted by the developers as changing the lives of people in Downham and the surrounding area by improving education and, consequently, various individuals and organisations are leaping to support the development. Unfortunately, not all is as it seems. The chief executive of the project developer, Downham Market Developments, stated during the event that 4,500 permanent jobs will be created, that Cambridge University are involved in the project and that Network Rail have told the firm they are committed to having two trains an hour serve the town from next year. The 4,500 figure quoted is based on 17 individual companies each employing 300 people. Not only do the figures not add up but they are also wildly unrealistic. And where is the supporting evidence that Cambridge University are involved in the project and do they know something about the half-hourly train service next year which the rest of us have missed?

It is about time MPs, the LEP, educational establishments, borough and county councillors and various other agencies wake up to the realities of the scheme, start asking searching questions and think about the consequences of a half-baked development on the outskirts of a traditional Norfolk market town.

It is not CfAKE, it is more like pie in the sky.

Mark Bullen