Letters: Mark Harding, April 22, 2016

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Major housing applications in West Norfolk have soared in recent times, primarily due to the council’s failure and incompetence to implement a sustainable five-year plan.

I recently attended a planning meeting where I presented a passionate and heartfelt objection to the proposal to build 40 houses on a unique green space in the heart of Watlington, only to see my presentation totally overlooked and not discussed in any way. Moreover, to be told by Councillor Chris Croft “You chose to live in a village with a train station, what do you expect?” I found condescending and unprofessional. Despite nearly 60 objections, many very detailed and pertinent to what is a highly contentious access point and the narrowness of Mill Road, the decision was already made to approve, as have the bulk of applications in the borough. What I experienced that day was an autocratic and undemocratic process which left me totally disillusioned and, to cap it all, one of the landowners recently made a strong objection to a proposed development in Runcton Holme stating it “would have a serious effect on their property.” Hypocrisy of the highest order.

Mark Harding, Glebe Avenue, Watlington