Letters: Mark Orton, December 23, 2106

Lewes Prison
Lewes Prison
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I would like to associate myself with the comments of your contributor in the Lynn News (December 13), regarding the prison service industrial action in particular, but the right to strike in general.

I can’t comment on the individual validity or otherwise of individual claims within the prison service or today, for example, Aslef staff regarding Southern Rail, but while undoubtedly there will always be those whose claims will be spurious, on balance, and provided it is used as a last resort after exhausting a company’s grievance procedures to no avail, the right of any employees in any industry has to be fundamental.

If we accept that there are unscrupulous employees, the reverse also has to be the case. To try to use legislation to prevent a particular industry taking this course of action when they honestly (and this is the key word) believe that they are being ignored in the pursuit of all other legitimate avenues, would be to return to a Victorian view of employment procedures in our country which presumably no one would be in a hurry to see.

Mark Orton