Letters: Mark Orton, May 5, 2017

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I am in broad agreement with Mark Bullen “ Downham is overlooked”, April 25, regarding the lack of a specific national coffee chain in Downham, however I would mention that the recently refurbished Greggs in the Wales Court shopping area is most definitely worth visiting.

My wife and I are frequent visitors and find good quality coffee at a fair price, free WiFi and generally speaking good customer service, though I fully accept that strictly speaking it would be classified as a national bakery chain.

Reeds coffee shop is similarly very pleasant indeed and worth a visit. I would be very surprised indeed if Costa are not keeping an eye on possible areas for expansion, all good businesses do, but I should imagine that the reason a multiple outlet has thus far not appeared is a lack of the right premises being found.

Very sadly our local branch of the N & P will close later this year in line with previous media statements from their parent company, and one does rather think that this would indeed be a suitable space for a national chain. Prior to 2006, half of the sales space was a coffee shop.

Mark Orton